Sunday, October 23, 2011

River Rescue

Yes, I know it has been forever. I'm way behind on many many things. Seeing as I just went on fall break, I intended to catch up on all of these things, but, of course, I have not.

Well, I was involved with the River Rescue at the beggining of this month. I didn't have entirely the enthusiasm I wanted, but there were many people who were quite enthusiastic. I'm still waiting on a few of the sheets from the cleanup, but have the data added for the groups who have given me the sheets. (Thanks to the enthusiastic help of Joshua Barret, who spent two of his free school periods helping me number crunch)\

On the day of the River Rescue, I met up with Laura Keys of Caribbean Sea and Shannon Carney, a fellow classmate, and we traveled through three of the River Rescue zones to do water quality monitoring.

Once I have the physical data and the final numbers from the survery cards, I will add them, as well as the actual final Ocean for Life Action Plan (which is, in fact, a month late)

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