Friday, August 19, 2011

Recycling Commercial

Here is a recycling commercial I made for my school to use, as well as any other OFL Alumni and anyone else who would like to use it. I hope you enjoy!!

My First OFL Project

So my first project.

Well, though this one is less about outreach to others and more an outreach to my fellow OFLers, one of the things necessary after the program is continued contact with the ALUMNI, and this form of contact includes the cultural understanding we're working so hard towards.

One day while on the bus in California with all my friends, the OFL Alumni, everyone passed around different candy we had bought at the UCSB Bookstore. I was just sitting there, not paying much attention, when I saw my friend Alhassan's face pucker as I'd never seen before while eating a Sour Punch.  I realized he'd never had one before.  Later, the same happened with my friend, Noaf from Bahrain, eat dry koolaid for the first time and love it.  These are things they'd never had before, and things they wouldn't have available when they left us.

So, I decided to start a project through all of the Alumni.  I thought we should all do carepackages for one another, each of us sharing food or candy from our country not available in our counterpart's. 

Being that I am a tad more ambitious and ready to work than other people, I decided I would go ahead and do the first few carepackages as a practice run.  I made four; one for Natasha in Pakistan, one for Noaf in Bahrain, one for Ibrahim in Qatar, and one for Alhassan in Egypt.
Here are the final products:

Now, an individual carepackage.

Each carepackage includes: One Poweraid, one Sour Punch, a bag of Airheads, one Fudge Shop Keebler Snack Pack, one Cheeze It Snack Pack, One Rainbow Keebler Snack Pack, one (meat-free) Chef Boyardee, one pack of Ramen Noodles, one pack of microwavable popcorn, three packs of gummies, and two packs of crackers.

Noaf's also includes 15 small packets of Kool Aid.

I hope to have these sent out by the beginning of next week, so I will keep you all posted!!