Wednesday, September 21, 2011

River Rescue, Planning

Yesterday afternoon I went to the River Rescue meeting to hand out the data collection sheets for the cleanup.  I accidentally forgot one of the stacks (two North Chickamauga cleanups and looking at the paper I became confused and thought only one), and the papers were temporarily lost (Christine Bock thought I'd taken the papers with me when I'd left them in the office), but we got it all figured out with plenty of time to hand them out and explain.

All zones plan on participating.

They received all other supplies as well.  I've also gotten involved in some water sampling at a few of the zones by Mary Beth Sutton.  I'll have the help of Ryan Gardner, a schoolmate, and we'll be working with a woman named Laura Skyles. The River Rescue will be next Saturday, October 1st. Hope to see everyone there!! I'll post information on the cleanup when I get the numbers back.

Chattanooga Times Free Press

Alright, so yesterday I was sitting in first block and got a text message from my mother.  It said... "You're in the newspaper!". I definitely freaked out a little bit.
So... the "unveiling"...

About a month ago I got interviewed by the Chattanooga Times Free Press to tell my Ocean for Life story.The photo shoot I did was about an hour and the interview about an hour.. in case anyone was interested.  Then, after the interview, I didn't hear from the woman I'd spoken withfor awhile, so was left a little confused about the date of the article coming out. 

Though I didn't really do anything, an interview was one of the options for our Action Plan and it involved Ocean for Life and thought I'd link to it for anyone interested.

The link to the entire article for anyone if they would like to read it is below...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tennessee River Rescue

So! Another project!!  While we were in California, we did two beach cleanups.  We recorded the information of all the debris we found and sent it in to the Ocean Conservancy. So, I thought I'd record some data collection and incorporate it into a local cleanup, the Tennessee River Rescue.  It happened to line up nearly perfectly with an event the Ocean Conservancy is hosting called the Inernational Coastal Cleanup.  The River Rescue has now been added to the list as a cleanup station/event.

Last Tuesday I had a meeting with the council of the River Rescue, and they agreed data collection would be a wonderful idea.  Christine Bock, the lead horticulturist at the Tennessee Aquarium and one of the two main planners for the rescue, helped me by making copies of the data collection sheets this past Sunday.

Here is a picture of me sitting in the Aquarium office Sunday afternoon going through the stacks of 500 data collection sheets and seperating them into 20 seperate groups to cover the 20 zones included in the cleanup.  Along with Christine Bock, I had the help of Nyck Green and Kelly Marie.

I am attending another River Rescue meeting tonight, Tuesday September 20th to help hand out the collection sheets.
The River Rescue will be October 1st in 20 different zones, and I have also been asked to do water sampling during the Rescue.

For more information on the Tennessee River Rescue or to find a zone near you go to this link...  ---There is a link to the zone flyer at the top, or for more information e-mail me.

For more information on the Ocean Conservancy, visit...