Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chattanooga Times Free Press

Alright, so yesterday I was sitting in first block and got a text message from my mother.  It said... "You're in the newspaper!". I definitely freaked out a little bit.
So... the "unveiling"...

About a month ago I got interviewed by the Chattanooga Times Free Press to tell my Ocean for Life story.The photo shoot I did was about an hour and the interview about an hour.. in case anyone was interested.  Then, after the interview, I didn't hear from the woman I'd spoken withfor awhile, so was left a little confused about the date of the article coming out. 

Though I didn't really do anything, an interview was one of the options for our Action Plan and it involved Ocean for Life and thought I'd link to it for anyone interested.

The link to the entire article for anyone if they would like to read it is below...

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